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Old German Manuscript Page I cannot decipher

Hello, I have some German text that I find difficult to decipher. I know the top says "Registratura etlicher" but I would like to know what all the German text underneath it says line by line translation if possible. Thank you all so much! 

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René van Weeren zei op ma, 06/13/2022 - 00:52

@Andreas: is dess not the short form of desselben?


The text of Andreas' transcription translated into English

The registering of some
letters of sales, treaties, loans and requests, registers,
certificates, and renewals, regarding 44 lots of vineyard
situated within the jurisdiction of Ottenrodt, these lots being called the Eppfenloch;
also recalling the annual tithes of wine, rights
of use, and judicial powers, first of all owned
by the noble men of Oberkirch, subsequently by the respective families Clobeloch,
von Hochvelden, Theutschmann, and von Erscheim alias Armbruster,
and recently inherited from the latter family by the family von Dettlingen,
and as of then until today the same owned an held as property by the late daughter of
the noble and strong Jacob von
Dettlingen, by the noble and honourable
Lady Ursula von Blumenauw, by Lady Marta
Marxin, spouses respectively of the noble and strong
Georg von Blumenauw and Hanss Jancob Marxen von Eckhuerscheim.
This has been registered, described and truthfully
copied, on the fourth of April and the following days, in the year 1577, counted from the birth of Christ, our sole Redemptor and Saviour.

Andreas zei op ma, 06/13/2022 - 20:55

@Chris vD: bedankt voor de aanvulling; kende het woord Lyhenung niet.

@René van Weeren: ik geloof wel dat dess staat voor desselben. Ik was het echter niet zeker, en wilde de vertaling afwachten, om zeker te zijn dat het inhoudelijk klopte. Bedankt trouwens voor je vertaling, waardoor ik nu volledig begrijp wat ik heb getranscribeerd. Wat Duits betreft gaat het transcriberen me net iets beter af dan het vertalen, zeker als het ambtelijke taal betreft. Vandaar dat ik zelf geen vertaling had gemaakt. Ik hoopte op jou (of iemand anders die hierin bedreven is).

Mike zei op do, 06/16/2022 - 21:48

Wow thank you all for your help!!! I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out to help me! You guys are the best! 

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