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glinting vergunning

Dear all,

The third entry on the left page gives permission for a painter (Louijs Elsevier) to do something to his house called the Blue Hound. I can't decipher the details, and cannot find what glinting means so far. Can anyone help? Many thanks,

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René van Weeren zei op do, 12/03/2020 - 00:00

A glinting is a wooden fence. The ancient term is also used for wooden constructions to guide the growth of some trees and also for fences around a doorstep before the entrance of a house. Given the description in the entry here, it concerns the wooden fence, as Louis (Lodewijk) Elsevier, member of the famous Elsevier family of book printers, sellers and puiblishers), is permitted to build a fence alongside the full length of his house on the corner of the Voorstraat, on the condition that  this fence does not stick out over 3.5 feet (c. 1 meter), measured from and hence including the exterior part.

JJ Johnson zei op do, 12/03/2020 - 00:07

Thank you René van Weeren! Yes, it looks as though he moved from Leiden to marry a Delft woman, bought the house and became the head of the St. Luke's Guild as a painter (Schilder). I just posted another of his requests for permission to do something to the house that I could not understand.

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