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Cornelis Jansz van Beurden deed 1600



Could someone transcribe both the original as well as a translation in English of this deed?  It's an ancestor of mine on my late father's side.



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Steve Barnhoorn zei op do, 02/24/2022 - 20:32


René van Weeren zei op vr, 02/25/2022 - 09:55

I am not sure about all words, especially in the final two lines. The meaning of this deed seems to be the sale of land by a group of people mentioned in the previous deed within this register, except for Cornelis Janssoon van Beurden, who seems to be holding on to his legal portion. Fellow paleographers may know the local elements mentioned in this deed a bit better. In the final part of this deed, the notary does use a lot of etceteras for those parts of the deed that are 'standard' and expected to be commonly known, so not te be written in full text.

Die selve, uuytgenomen Cornelis Janssoon van Buerden#, alle
de gerechticheyt hen toebehorende in een stuck erffs
tot Weijr liggende, in 't geheel vier lopensaet seven
ende veertich royen ende een halff roye metter mate
begrijpende, gelegen binnen de prochie van Tilborch, ter
plaetsen geheuten tot Dell bij de ..nijpt, aldaer tusschen
erffenisse Jan Ghijsbert Swerels d'een zijde, ende
tusschen erffenisse Niclaes Jan clenes Goyaerts met
meer ander bij hen vandr gemeynte innegegraven
d'ander zijde, streckende van [den] erffenisse van
kynderen Jan Gerriet Jan Laureijs Doekens totter
gemeyner heirbane ut dicebant legittime etc[etera]
Cornelisen, soone wijlen Jan Janssoon van Buerden,
met affgeven etc[etera] warandam. Ende dit vercopen etc[etera]
Ende alle commer etc[etera], uuytgenomen dat die voirsz[eyde]
Cornelis hieruuyt sal gelden drye oirt st[uyvers] 't 's iaers
gewinchijns aenden hertoge van Brabant op S[in]te
Thomasdach te betalen, ende voirts des heeren
Sthanss vanden Wortwwerdt soo verre dair einigen
is ... oudr gewoont te overgeven. Datum et s[cript]um ut supra.


The same ones, except for Cornelis Janssoon van Buerden#, all
their legal portion of a piece of land
located at Weijr, measuring in total 4 lopensaet* and
44,5 rods*,
situated within the parish of Tilburg, locally known as
at Dell near the ..nijpt, located there between
the inheritance of Jan Ghijsbert Swerels on one side, and
the inheritance of Niclaes Jan clenes Goyaerts, dug with
other people of the community
to the other side, stretching from the inheritance of
the children of Jan Gerriet Jan Laureijs Doekens until
the common heerbaan** as they call it, legally etc[etera]
Cornelisen, son of the late Jan Janssoon van Buerden,
with handing over etc[etera] guaranteeing. And this sale etc[etera]
And all worries etc[etera], except for the fact that the aforementioned
Cornelis wil pay a annual profit-tithe of three oirt stuivers***
to the Duke of Brabant, every year at Saint
Thomas' Day****, and furthermore to the lord
Sthanss vanden Wortwwerdt*****, for as far
as there are old customs to hand this over. Dated and subscribed as above.

# The change of eu and ue is common in this period
* Lopensaet is an old land surface measure, most commonly used in the Southern part of the Netherlands (especially Noord-Brabant province), covering 50 rods
** Rod is an old land surface measure; the difficulty with this measure is that it strongly differs per location. The Bossche roede (named after 's-Hertogenbosch, the current capital of the province of North Brabant) may be used here, which was a measure of 33,1 square meters
*** An oort stuiver is an old coin, worth 1/20 of the guilder value in use at that time
**** Saint Thomas' Day has several dates on which this day is celebrated; in this case, the date of 21 December is the most probable one, as this date was used more often in deeds of this nature.
***** I am very unsure whether I read this name correctly.

Steve Barnhoorn zei op vr, 02/25/2022 - 18:49
Thanks. You've been of great help. My hunch was correct that "Cornelis Janssoon van Buerden" was the same person as "Cornelisen, son of the late Jan Janssoon van Buerden."

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