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Brief Dublin 1763

Graag vertaling van deze oude brief

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Jo Strijbosch zei op zo, 04/14/2024 - 11:19

blz 1

Jo Strijbosch zei op zo, 04/14/2024 - 11:19

blz 2 denk heel slecht te lezen, is ander handschrift????

Andreas zei op zo, 04/14/2024 - 14:46

Bij deze alvast de transcriptie. Wil je ook de vertaling, dan geef je maar een seintje.

Mister Alexander Filgate at
Lissrenny near
Dublin 14th June 1763
I had the pleasure of yours. Yesterday and
this day I met Councellor Foster who sayd he would recommend it that
either you or my father would attend the sale of Tipperstown, tho it
was impossible for him to tell whether it would be adjourned or not,
as that depended upon the bidders. For if it don't sell to the amount
of Mister Jennys demand then it will be adjourned
by Mister Dawson, and if it should sell to the amount of Mister Jennys
demand, and at a great undervalue in the eyes of Mister Tippers friends
then they will have the sale put off 'til November if
they can, which must be done by an application to the Court,
which application must be founded upon affidavits made to that
purport, and if such an application should be made, it's a doubt what
the Court may do in that case. I don't know whether they will set up
Tipperstown & Lissrenny seperate, but I met Mister Hutchisen, Mister Jennys
Attorney, & told him that I believed it might sell the better for dividing it
it, but he seemed doubtful that they could do so. Yet I understand from Jones
that it may be sold so under Deuce. I hope by this time your legg may be
so well as not to prevent your coming to town yourself, as your friends here would
be glad to see you. Ally & the girls joyn in duty to you & my Aunt
& love to Billy & the girls with ...
Your dutiful & affectionate nephew
William Filgate

It's now past ten O clock, and this I write
from the coffee house where there is much
noise, but within this half hour I have seen
Mister Jones, who thinks there will not be
any occasion for my fathers or your coming to town at this
time, as since I had seen him before, he met Councellor Foster
and they seem to think there will be nothing done at the time
of the sale advertized, but am to meet him & Councellor Foster in
Court tomorrow, and if you & my father would mean to be at
all Lissenny you may commission me to bid what you
think proper by return of post, as a reasonable time will be
allowed for a deposit.

Jo Strijbosch zei op di, 04/16/2024 - 15:23

Andreas, Hartelijk Dank, de vertaling heb ik via google zelf kunnen maken. ( was een tip van een collega )

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