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Baptism entry from July 1739

I need help deciphering this baptismal entry.  It's the one that starts with "Ava (sic) Juli"



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René van Weeren zei op vr, 04/08/2022 - 17:25

The first character is a number leaning to the right, hence the Ava impression


8va julii baptizata est Antonia
pater Theodorus Wilms, mater Joanna
Teunis. Suscepit Joanna Berents.

On the 8th of July was baptized Antonia,
father Theodorus Wilms, mother Joanna
Teunis. She was lifted to baptism by Joanna Berents*

* With suscepit/susceperunt/susceptores they indicate the person(s) who lifted the infant from the font after baptism. Patrini was the latin word used for godparents.

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