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Anthonij Cleophas Stockholm

Merchant Antoni Cleophas the Elder was as a merchant In Stockhom Who had chlidren: Anna 14.4.1657, Anton 23.7.1658 and Anders born 16.3.1665. Both father and son named Anton stayed in Oulu 1680-1685, as merchants. Son Anders also as most likely died as a retired soldier In 1734 In a Village east from Oulu. His brother Anthon had a son Who became a local Police head In the city of Kemi and was murdered In 1715 during the Great northern war, Anthonius Cleophae Bogman.

Anders became the ancestor for family Anthonij/II /ius later family enlisted In the House of Nobles In Finland with the name Anthoni. Can anybody help with Anthonij please. They are most likely originally from Brabant. Also other paths to Brabant round 1700 are possible as men were recruited from there to Riga castle fighting for the Swedish. 

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beheerder Luud de Brouwer zei op di, 10/09/2018 - 09:50

Hello Erkki,

Maybe it is an idea to post this message on the message board of the Brabant Historisch Informatie Centrum (BHIC) which is the provincial archive of Noord-Brabant. There is a big community active there who might give you clues or tips where to look. The url is: http://www.bhic.nl/onderzoeken/forum


Erkki Lehto zei op wo, 10/10/2018 - 08:14

Thank you Lood, the Anthonij family stayed back In Finland In Oulu area after the Great Northern war. The family sagas misleaded for finding roots with Anthoni name from Italy. Just this spring the saga was revealed as from path behind Anthoni spouse to Verona 13th century. The researcher mistake was not understanding the original spelling of the name. If any clues on Cleophas (Kleofas) please let me know.

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